Wholesale Account Application Form

Want to stock Candle Crush? We’re currently looking for established retail businesses to help take Candle Crush to the nation (and eventually the world muahahaha!).

Online-only retailers are not currently being accepted unless you’re, like, a pretty big deal (Mighty Ape, we’re looking at you!).

Wholesale Enquiry Form

  • Please indicate your preferred payment method. We do not currently accept payments "on account".
  • As you may have already noticed, we do things a little differently around here.That's why we're not going to create 20 pages of fine print which you'll never read in case of the remote chance we need it in the future. We'd rather spend the time and money creating cool products and supporting our retailers instead of giving it to a lawyer who charges $300 an hour just to grab some generic terms and conditions off the internet.We're an honest company and we're sure yours is too. Basically, we trust you to pay your account on time and to respect the Candle Crush brand. In turn, we'll treat you and your company with the same level of respect. Together we can both grow our companies and have some fun doing it.That's it. Cool?