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Candle Crush wax melts (or Chunky Six-Packs as we like to call them!) are made from 100% natural and sustainable soy wax.

Just break a chunk off, throw it in your oil burner or wax warmer and enjoy around 5 hours of scented deliciousness per chunk!

Oh Mean! Vanilla Bean! Chunky Six-Pack

"This melt is as cool as ice, ice, baby"
41 customer reviews

Rock ‘n’ Cinnamon Roll Chunky Six-Pack

"Sure to bring down the house with it’s sweet 'n' spicy performance"
19 customer reviews

Mary Had A Little Lamington Chunky Six-Pack

"Ewe wool love this sweet afternoon-tea treat"
37 customer reviews

Lions and Tigers and Pears – Oh My! Chunky Six-Pack

"will really make you feel there's no place like home!"
24 customer reviews

Keep Calm and Caramel On Chunky Six-Pack

"Oozing with the aroma of sweet, rich, gooey caramel"
29 customer reviews

Jamaican Me Craaazy! Chunky Six-Pack

"the reggae beats of bangin' coconuts, the colourful zing of lemons and limes"
22 customer reviews

Lovely Pair of Coconuts Chunky Six-Pack

"so fantastically fresh you’ll wonder what island you’ve landed on"
17 customer reviews

Singing in the Rain Chunky Six-Pack

"complex, yet light and invigorating"
20 customer reviews

Sunny Sunday Strawberry Sundae Chunky Six-Pack

"delectably ripe strawberries and fluffy whipped cream"
17 customer reviews
Out of stock

Just…One…More…Cookie! Chunky Six-Pack

"fill your senses without the guilt!"
113 customer reviews
Out of stock

Totally Baked Banana Cake Chunky Six-Pack

"totally dope combination of tantalising ripe bananas and toasted walnuts"
30 customer reviews
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