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  • Getting the most out of your candle

    We know you're a clever cookie but just in case you're having 'one of those days', here are some blatantly obvious safety tips - and even a couple of not so obvious ones (consider this your official Candle Crush safety education!).

    Please read the safety instructions on the bottom of every Candle Crush candle before lighting.

    Don't Sweat It!

    Your wee candle would appreciate it if you did not burn him/her for more than three hours at a time. They are cool-blooded candles and overheating may cause their protective glass casing to shatter, leaving them naked and afraid.

    Candles may cause other things to become candles...

    Please be mindful of the surface you burn your candle or melt on. A high, solid bench top with no visible dangly bits hanging over the flame = good! On the floor surrounded by fireworks and gasoline with tissue paper fairies dancing overhead = bad.

    Hotdog, baby!

    Babies should be kept at a consistent 36 degrees, and the only time a dog should be hot is when he's served with onions and mustard in between a lightly toasted bun. Keep your candles out of reach of small creatures.

    Don't burn your candle at both ends

    Always leave about 1cm of candle at the bottom of the jar. If you burn the entire thing and leave the jar empty, it could explode from sadness and rain glass tears all over your house.

    Keep those wicks slick

    No one likes a wild and unruly wick. These candles are out to impress so make sure you keep their wicks neatly trimmed to 6-7mm before lighting them. It doesn't hurt them one bit and your candle will thank you!

    Edge of glory

    To make sure you don't end up with the Grand Canyon of candles, allow the wax to burn all the way to the edge each time you light it to avoid 'tunnelling'. Also, be aware of draughts (like wind, not the board game) as they may cause your candle to burn a bit wonky.