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    Wonderful smelling candle,make my home feel so homely and snug.Love it 😀

    In love

    So I've already done a review on my previous purchase and then purchased this candle again as a gift because IT IS AMAZING ❤️ like I'm a cookie addict and it smells like real cookies.

    Excellent Products would have 5 stars but let down by marketing emails

    Excellent Products, but 3 marketing emails trying to get me to create account to the website and redeem points in the last 3 days when everything could have been put in 1 email. Personally I don't like being hit with that many emails just after I received the products (4 days ago). An email once or twice a month is OK.

    Hey Anthony, thanks for your review and feedback on the emails. We'll take a look at the frequency of emails as we agree that is too many emails to receive in such a short period of time.
    Good enough to eat

    Bought the melts, amazing!! Makes my house smell like dessert.

    Smells like my favourite biscuits!

    Simply delicious.

    Makes me want to buy chocolate peppermint biscuits! Yum yum!

    Smells great!

    Didnt even need to light it before the smell filled up my room. Smell isnt as strong as I thought it would be but more of a perfect balance.

    An anytime scent

    This smells really nice I can't wait to use it. I think it would be a great every day scent or when you want to burn a candle but don't quite know what to burn, and I think it would please everyone.

    Smells as if you’ve been baking!

    Honestly love this one so much, so fresh and sweet without being too over powering! Smells exactly like a peppermint slice / cookie


    Smells good enough to eat! Super fast delivery too😀

    Mmm yummy & sweet smells like baking

    Sweet but not sickly, does remind me of lush snow fairy like others have said, doesn’t overpower like some sweet candles do. Even lingers for a long time after blowing out and no caramelisation colour like you get sometimes from sweet candles. So glad I got both sizes of this as I won’t be getting tired of it in a hurry! 💖

    Made With Actual Babies...

    This candle is the essence of newborn bebes smelted into wax!

    Its powdery and pure and delicate and comforting.

    I bought my first back in 2013/14 and have repurchased since. Had burning during my labour in 2016 to remind me of the nommy newborness to come!

    Will always be a special and emotive scent for me.

    As with all CC candles the scent throw is insane and the fragrance long lasting.

    Thanks for the review Snaps! Just confirming (in case there was any doubt from anyone) no babies were harmed in the making of this candle! ;-)
    Put the lime in the coconut

    I was bought this for my birthday (my sister knows I love CC!)

    I would never have chosen this scent for myself and I'm so glad she chose it for me. Its zesty and fresh and so tropical.

    The scent throw is powerful. Before burning, even just having the lid off was enough to fragrance my lounge. When lit the scent of all things Island made it around my house, including upstairs.

    Will definitely look to repurchase.

    I was lucky enough to place an order and get a mini lamington as a freebie and I must say I will be ordering more of this scent! It's awesome! Probably my favourite actually.

    Cookie nom nom

    Oh my dear..... I've been waiting so long to order this
    And have not been disappointed one bit.
    It smells so amazing I almost want to eat it.
    Definitely recommending to others

    Absolutely love this candle and the fragrance is just delicious.Super fast delivery and outstanding customer service and communication.👌

    Haven’t even started melting this one and it already smells amazing through the packet!

    Satisfies my cravings for cookies without giving in to the temptations! So good!

    I take my time before I light a new candle, just have the lid off and let the room fill with subtle scent. Oh man this is not subtle. It’s like someone baked a perky nana inspired banana cake in my room and I love it!!

    Jamaican Me Crazy is a lovely tropical scent,even with it unlit and the lid off it gives a nice warm fragrance. I've always been a Jo Malone and an Ecoya girl, but these candles are much better value for money in my opinion. Will definitely be ordering more!

    Smells so delicious but not too sickly. Definitely recommend if you like sweet scents.

    I don’t go for strong scents, but was looking for something to leave the house smelling clean and fresh after cookery smells. The pear is a light and pleasant smell, that quickly clears odours and doesn’t have a strong smell that takes over. Bought twice before, this time I bought 3 of them! Love them!

    One of my favourite, absolutely love this candle so yummy!!

    I love the smell of this candle, it lingers and doesn't fade as quickly as most others do. It's really citrusy too, like it's supposed to be! I'm gonna be buying more candles, just have to decide which ones!! If you're thinking about buying one, just do it, you won't be disappointed!