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  • Oh Mean! Vanilla Bean!
    Oh Mean! Vanilla Bean!

    Always thought plain ol’ vanilla was a bit of a bore? Think again!

    This candle is as cool as ice, ice, baby. While many vanilla beans are destined to be turned into dessert, only the best are recruited to provide the meanest vanilla fragrance around. This candle's sweet, rich aroma is made up of vanilla beans and tonka beans, with just a touch of butter and nuts.

    Simple, yet full of attitude!

    This little guy is super cute! About 70g for 12-18 hours burn time.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 83 reviews
    D. (New Zealand)

    Awesome scent, Awesome look, Awesome service

    David (New Zealand)

    Awesome scent, Awesome look, Awesome service

    LH (New Zealand)
    Great strong scent

    These wax melts were great - stronger than the other ones we got, but a very pleasant scent. Happy with purchase and will purchase again!

    Jodi Haftka (New Zealand)

    This smells amazing even before o have lit it! Deff by far my favourite one yet

    Sue (New Zealand)

    I was so looking forward to this after reading all the reviews, I have had it burning a couple times, and no scent. No one in the house can smell it, even with three hours of burning.

    L.C. (New Zealand)

    I love this scent! It’s such a great scent. Warm, sweet, vanilla-y. One of my faves!

    Krysana Hanley (New Zealand)
    Just the best candle to cross the threshold of my home

    Amazing. You will make new friends with this candle. Everyone will want to come to your house. You will be the talk of the town and the scent of everyone's mind. 11/10 would buy again.

    D. (New Zealand)

    Smells amazing and being able to support local is a huge bonus.

    J. (New Zealand)
    Oh mean! Vanilla is QUEEN!!

    OMG, I thought cinnamon was my fave scent from Candle Crush, and then along comes vanilla! Such a nice burst of vanilla fills my house, making it smell AMAZING!! This one is good to go to the top of my Xmas gift list!

    Jessica (New Zealand)
    Oh mean! Vanilla is Queen! ❤️

    OMG, I thought the cinnamon scent was my all time fav from Candle Crush and then along came Vanilla! Such a nice burst of vanilla fills my house and makes it smell sooooo good! I’ve got this one on my Xmas shopping list for gifts too!!


    We want you to love your Candle Crush purchase and we understand buying scented products online can be tricky.That's why we have our Love At First Sniff™ Guarantee.

    If you purchase a scent and don't fall in love upon first sniff, you can return the unburnt/unmelted product for a new scent or refund.


    Tired of the same old candles in the packaging that takes itself a little too seriously? Same old scents getting a little stale? We're breaking the mould and making candles fun again! A wide range of delicious scents are paired with funny, quirky and just plain silly names to make a natural soy candle that's a joy to burn! 

    While our names aren't very serious, there is one thing we do take seriously - quality. All candles are hand poured by master candle makers and batch tested to ensure they burn evenly and smell amazing!

    CANDLE CRUSH products are all made using 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax is vegetable-based and is completely natural and sustainable - unlike paraffin wax which is derived from crude oil and isn't good for the environment or potentially your health. Insist on only burning natural soy wax candles!


    Candle Crush fragrances are made from a combination of natural and synthetic fragrances manufactured for us in the USA.

    All of our fragrances meet or exceed global industry standards based on the research and standards established through RIFM (the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) and IFRA (International Fragrance Association).

    All ingredients are distilled and/or purified to ensure the highest quality and performance.

    All of our fragrances are phthalate free.


    We use 100% natural & sustainable soy wax manufactured in the USA.

    Our special formulation ensures your candle burns evenly while producing an amazing scent throw. 

    Our wax is GMO free and contains no paraffin or additives.


    Our glass jars are made from durable, high-strength glass designed in the USA.

    Featuring a seamless design which means no unsightly lines, the inside of our jars are sprayed with white non-toxic paint for a clean finish to fit in with any decor. 

    A glass lid is included to lock in the scent when not in use.

    Height: 100mm (excluding lid)

    Diameter:Base - 92mm, Opening: 77mm


    Candle Crush wicks are manufactured using textile-grade cotton and are designed to work perfectly with our natural soy wax.

    We find our wicks burn very cleanly compared to other brands.

    Our wicks are zinc and lead free.